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Green Lane

Green Lane is an old ‘holloway’ that links to Peg Folly and is part of an old packhorse route that is described in the Peg Folly entry. This lane is a delight to walk, cycle or ride; it has, very obviously, been in use for at least several hundred years and carries the hallmarks of a very ancient highway; its surface is below the level of the surrounding land, having been eroded by the passage of many feet, hooves and, possibly, carriage wheels, over a long period of time. Surface erosion can also be made worse by the run off of water after heavy rain. A surface that is already eroded through footfall often provides a conduit for rain water, especially in hilly areas. This contributes to the erosion and that has been the case with this old Lane; the local authority improved the drainage, some years ago, and that’s why this lane is now so pleasant to use. Green Lane is on the OS First Series six inch to one mile map circa 1850. The Definitive Map reference is: STO/70

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