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We currently have two publications:


An Introduction to Packhorse Routes in Sheffield Lakeland’s Area


This is a vast subject, with very little research on a historic and important transport industry. The book gathers the information found into one place and adds what we have discovered, to identify some main packhorse routes.

There are 6 main chapters:

1. A manmade landscape. Parliamentary enclosures

2. Roads: Trade Routes – goods and destinations

3. Packhorse Transport

4. Marking the Way, indications of old routes e.g. Guide Stoop, Holloway, Causey, Culvert, Ford

5. The main packhorse routes in the area

6. Remnants of routes beneath the reservoirs


Walk the Old Tracks


12 walks in Sheffield’s own “Lakeland” using old tracks and Packhorse ways with detailed directions and history of the area. Find out how to spot the evidence of hundreds of years of use.

The walks are in the quieter areas of Dungworth (between Stannington and Low Bradfield) and Ewden Valley, Bolsterstone, Little Don Valley near Stocksbridge. 





Bank View Cafe Langsett S36 4GY

Throstlenest Saddlery Silkstone Common S75 4QX



Anglers Rest Bamford S33 0DY


Sheffield North:

Samuel's Kitchen Huntshelf Bottom Stocksbridge S36 2BU

Stocksbridge Community and Leisure Centre, Moorland Drive, Stocksbridge S36 1EG

Stocksbridge Library, Manchester Road, Stocksbridge S36 1DH

Sheffield South:

Next Chapter Books 7 Rustlings Road S11 7AA

Valleyside Garden Centre Crosspool S10 5PX

Walkley Library 403 South Rd S6 3TD



We can also post the book and/or booklet to you.

Cost £8 for book inc p & p

Cost £3.50 for booklet inc p& p

For both £10.50 inc p&p

Contact us at

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