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Heritage Rides

Rides that we hope will not only lead to an enjoyable day out but will also inspire an awareness of the history beneath the feet, hooves and wheels who follow them.

A series of 7 colour coded waymarked rides around the area. Although designed for horse riders these work equally well for cyclists although some routes will work better in reverse. A gravel or mountain bike is most suited for these rides as they cover a number of rough off road bridleway sections. Full printable ride instructions, gpx route files and elevations can be found below.

Ride 1 - Langsett Reservoir

Ride 3 - The Four Reservoirs

Ride 5 - Damflask to Loxley Common

Ride 7 - The Historic Rivelin Valley

Ride 2 - Stocksbridge to Ewden

Ride 4 - Onesacre to Damflask

Ride 6 - Ancient Moors and Hamlets

Notes and Elevations

Leaflets should open automatically if you have a pdf reader on your PC or smartphone. You will need to import the gpx files to a gpx viewer app.

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