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Stocks Lane

It’s been speculated that Upper Midhope public stocks were once situated on this lane. The name lends itself to the idea, but it would be a strange place for them to be placed, tucked away behind the village, with the miscreants out of sight. Public stocks tended to be placed in very public places. Other writings state that this is the route that villagers drove their cattle along on the way to their summer grazing grounds, out on the moor. It is certainly a very old highway and was probably quite important at one time as there are causey stones on it and evidence of a stone built drainage system at the southern end. It is another old Highway that is shown on all published Ordnance Survey maps and is listed in the 1903 OS Object Name Book as ‘a 4th class road extending S from Upper Midhope to Low Moor Lane’. The Definitive Map reference is: BRA/183


Remnants of a stone causey on Stocks Lane

Causey Stones on Stocks Lane; the dip on the left of the photo is for drainage.


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