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Thickwoods Lane

Prior to the construction of Langsett Reservoir, this old lane was part of a route between Upper (Over) Midhope and Langsett. From Upper Midhope, Thickwoods Lane led into Carr Lane which led to a footbridge, stepping stones and a ford over the Little Don (Dun or Porter) river. At the other side of the river it became Langsett Lane and led on to the hamlet of Langsett. Carr Lane, Langsett Lane, the ford, footbridge and stepping stones now lie under the waters of the reservoir. Only a section of Thickwoods Lane remains above the water line and is now well-used by walkers, cyclists and horse riders as part of a circular route around the reservoir. All these old lanes are clearly shown on OS first series 6 inch to one mile map of the area: These Old OS maps make for interesting viewing and are available to view for free on the National Library of Scotland website. The Definitive Map reference is: BRA/151

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